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Are you authentic?

Jun 14, 2010 10:12:18 PM / by The Mezzanine Group

Every company tells a story. Part of a marketer’s job is to articulate a company’s story in a way that will resonate with its target market. It could be a story of family – of a son who took over the family business and is now being run by a fourth generation family member; or a story of innovation – of a group of computer engineers that believed they could develop a software solution to address pain points of an industry that had been underserved; or a story of hope – of a scientist who strives to create alternative energy sources so their grandkids will enjoy a healthier and longer life.

Whatever the story – we all have one. The key for sharing any story is authenticity. Is the story a true reflection of the company? Is it one that you live each day? Is it one that your employees believe in?

When a story is truly your own – it can be powerful. It shapes action and behaviour, drives marketing strategy and is the foundation on which all of your activities depend.

Whether your story is shaped by a life-changing event or a seemingly inconsequential moment, it’s yours. Respect it. Own it. Live it.

Authenticity is the basis for creating truly effective marketing programs and successful businesses. Are you authentic?

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