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No More Awkward Silences when asked, Do You Help Us Implement?

Mar 13, 2009 3:57:59 AM / by The Mezzanine Group

For years Mezzanine has done market assessments and marketing plans for small and mid-sized businesses (especially in the $2M - $10M revenue size). We love working with these companies - they're diverse and exciting and ambitious. But they always have a hard time executing the marketing plans. Surprise - executing a marketing plan is harder than it sounds. Why? Many reasons - there are lots of people and tasks to manage, it’s a recipe of art and science where creative differences arise, and it’s evolving very fast with many new ways to market (read: online). So after years of being asked that classic question that clients ask consultants, ‘Do you implement?’, we’ve decided to take the plunge: Mezzanine now has an outsourced marketing management arm. From now on, we not only help clients understand their market opportunities and determine how best to pursue those opportunities, but we help them Get It Done. We might just have to change our name – people won’t believe that we ‘consultants’ actually implement, not just tell others what to do. What are your thoughts on our taking this plunge?

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