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The Google App Marketplace - New Business Tools

Mar 25, 2010 4:14:15 PM / by The Mezzanine Group

Google launched its app marketplace last week -- an online store where you can buy installable apps that integrate with Google Docs. While the functionality of Google Docs isn’t yet on par with Microsoft Office, it’s getting better all the time, and it currently has over 20 million businesses/university users.

The app marketplace adds some amazing features for businesses and professional organizations. Our 3 favorites as of today:

Smartsheet lets you outsource repetitive work to an 'existing virtual workforce.' If you need to look up hundreds of emails or write a few pages of copy, but don't have the time, all you need to do is import your existing Google Docs Spreadsheet into Smartsheet, describe what you need done, and offer a reward. Soon enough, and without any additional effort on your part, your spreadsheet's holes will be magically filled-in. After you approve the correct results and reject the wrong ones, the freelancers who filled your sheet get paid, and you got the job done.
Smartsheet is available for free. Premium plans are also available.

Manymoon is a tool that allows you to attach Google docs to 'tasks', 'projects' and 'events' -- so, in effect, it can be used in the same way you would use a project management suite. It's free, it's easy to use, and it's the most-downloaded app that the Google app marketplace currently offers. The Red Cross used it to manage critical projects that they needed to access 'from anywhere', and they had nothing but good things to say about it. Check out their case study.
Manymoon is completely, 100% free.

RMP allows you to add workflow, business process and integration capabilities to Google Apps. At $40 per user per year, it's not cheap, but it bills itself as a replacement to Lotus Notes (an expensive program!) and it has far too many features to list here. The most important thing is that you no longer have to buy/configure servers to run this sort of enterprise-style software any longer -- all you need to do is take your Google account, sign up for RMP, and you can start designing processes immediately.
RunMyProcess costs $40/user/year.

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