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Will SharePoint have an impact on our marketing world? Part 1

Jul 12, 2011 5:08:38 AM / by Lisa Shepherd

Microsoft SharePoint is a new “buzz word” in a corporate world. It is collaborative software that allows companies to host their intranet portals thereby enabling groups to share and access different types of content from one location. Its main goal is to facilitate information sharing and enhance communication within organizations. Because of its tight integration with Microsoft Office and competitive start-up price-point, SharePoint is becoming one of the most popular enterprise business solution platforms.

SharePoint is relevant because it helps solve many of the classic challenges of marketing organizations, including the following:

  • Collaboration on work documents
  • Managing approval processes
  • Document management and version control
  • Project management and project tracking
  • Team communications and portal functions
  • Management reporting, including report delivery and access

From enhancing team communications to streamlining the creative process to creating repository of marketing materials and image libraries SharePoint just might become a new trend within marketing world.

Do you think SharePoint will become a new tool for improving marketing department efficiency?

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