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Next steps in the Evolution of Lead Nurturing

May 30, 2011 4:45:45 AM / by Lisa Shepherd

Lead nurturing, also called “drip marketing” or “nurture marketing” has been one of the fastest growing and most popular marketing tactics in the past few years. It has turned into an art and science of ongoing communication with prospects to keep them “warm” and educated about products until they are ready to buy. With many sophisticated software programs for marketing automation such as Marketo, LeadLife or Genius there is no shortage of tools for lead communication, cultivation and tracking.

With hundreds of e-newsletters, emails blasts and e-cards going out to prospects on a daily basis, how can you differentiate in the eyes of your target market? What other new marketing “tricks” are out there to grab customers’ attention?

Personalized URLs: Similar to popular lead nurturing programs, software like LookWho’sClicking automates the process of communication with prospects, but through generation and hosting of Personalized URLs, built based on product needs of each recipient. The software automates the process of inserting unique addresses into the mail file and customizes pages based on customer classification. Convenient response options convert it into an interactive tool with a narrow sales funnel. http://www.mindfireinc.com/

Personalized Landing Pages: New marketing software products, like Easypurl, provide capabilities of integrating landing page designer tools into marketing communications platform. Just like automated email campaigns, this software rapidly develops multiple personalized landing pages with prospect names and featured products organized based on customers’ interest. It brings personalized communication to a different level, creating an illusion of one-on-one business. http://www.easypurl.com/

New marketing solutions exceed expectations of most creative minds, but come at a high price. It will be interesting to see if they generate a new trend within the industry.

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