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5 Reasons to Start with Digital Marketing

14 Aug

Lisa Shepherd

Let’s start by defining digital marketing. Digital marketing is marketing using digital tools, such as paid advertising, social media, video, email marketing and blogging. Conversely, traditional marketing includes avenues such as tradeshows, print ads, radio, tv and direct mail.  Digital marketing is cost efficient and also easily allows you to measure, monitor, analyze and test your efforts.  Here are a few reasons why you need to think digital before allocating your budget to traditional marketing.  

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Should your B2B company have a blog and should you write it yourselves?

09 Jan

Lisa Shepherd

There are hundreds of millions of blogs (Tumblr says about 320 million) and millions of new posts every day (over 3M new posts a day).

In such an incredibly crowded space, should a B2B company that deals in a niche industry, with a niche solution, embark on a blog? 

It’s a good question - because NOT every B2B company SHOULD have a blog.  There are pros and cons, and for many B2B companies, the cons legitimately outweigh the cons.  I hope this post will help you evaluate what the value of a blog is for your business, and that if you decide to undertake a blog, you’ll know the resources that it will take to do it well.  And if you decide not to, you’ll know your reasons and be able to explain them to others. 

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