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The Single Best Way To Grow Sales By The End Of The Year

11 Sep

Lisa Shepherd

It’s back to school season, which means renewed energy and focus for the business world too. Q4 is just around the corner, and that means that your sales team is paying full attention to their numbers and how bonuses are looking.

Timing is perfect to use marketing to boost sales for your entire team. There’s enough time to identify the best marketing tactics, execute them and reap new deals before December 31st. But companies have to be smart – not all marketing initiatives will provide results within a quarter.

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3 ways sales and marketing can be better integrated to increase sales in 2016

15 Jan

Lisa Shepherd

I was interviewed by Salesforce.com in the fall about the need for sales and marketing to work more closely together in order to increase sales in B2B companies. Here are three of the key points from the interview to help you kick-start your 2016 revenue growth activities.   

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Top Ten Articles of 2015

06 Jan

Lisa Shepherd

We published about 80 blogs in 2015 - and some were definitely more popular than others!  The top two articles focused on sales and free stuff. No surprises there. Others covered how to be a great B2B marketer, how to find a great B2B marketer, how to measure success and get the most from marketing investments. Here are our Top Ten Articles from the past year:  

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Is Your Sales Team Set Up To Fail?

22 Dec

Lisa Shepherd

You may have heard this sales tale:

At the turn of the 19th century, a British shoe manufacturer sent two salesmen to Africa to see the potential of the market. They both went for a month and did an evaluation, then went back to Britain to report their findings.

The first salesman told his boss, “There’s no potential in Africa – nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman told the same boss, “There is enormous potential in Africa – nobody has shoes!”

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How Sales and Marketing Work Together to Increase Sales: My Interview with Salesforce.com

03 Nov

Lisa Shepherd

I was recently interviewed by Salesforce.com about my latest book, The Radical Sales Shift. The interview covered a lot of territory so I wanted to share some of the key topics here. The main focus of the interview was on how sales and marketing must work together in B2B companies in order to increase sales, and the growing role that technology has in B2B sales. 

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3 Marketing Companies To Avoid If You Want To Improve Sales And Not ‘Be Tortured’

What’s the number one reason that a business hires a marketing company? In my experience, it’s to improve sales. Often we hear from companies that say they have intermediary goals like ‘enhance our brand’ or ‘develop sales collateral’. But the end goal, their ultimate reason for wanting to work with a marketing company, is always the same – to IMPROVE SALES!   

An experienced VP Sales and Marketing recently said to me that a previous experience with a marketing company had felt like ‘being tortured’. His comment sheds light on what it’s like for B2B companies when they’re working with the wrong marketing partner.    

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3 Ways To Improve Your Sales Before The End Of The Year

13 Oct

Lisa Shepherd

It’s Q4, and you know what that means – everyone’s checking to see if they’ll hit their sales goals for the year. And the clock is running out. If your figures need a bit of a boost before 2016 rolls around, there’s no better time than the present to get things moving.

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