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What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Important?

28 Aug

Lisa Shepherd

Agility by definition is the ability to move, think or understand quickly and with ease.[1] Similarly, the goals of Agile Marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency and adaptability to change of a marketing function. The term itself takes its inspiration from Agile software development and it describes the speed at which marketing gets done and how it gets done. But what does this mean for your current B2B marketing strategy and how is it different?



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You'll never get marketing ROI if you don't have this

21 Jan

Lisa Shepherd

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen in B2B marketing over the last 5 years is the growing focus on how a company will get marketing ROI. Maybe it’s always been prevalent, but I feel that the number of businesses who are focusing on the return they’ll get from marketing is increasing. It’s become a common question from prospects who are looking at our outsourced marketing services, and we spend a lot of time talking through how it can be measured, what kinds of return to expect and when to expect it. 

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