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Building A New Company Brand

01 May

Lisa Shepherd

One of the foundational elements that we audit during a marketing consulting engagement is the company brand.  Brand elements encompass the logo, company colours, how imagery is used and we check for consistency of application, appropriateness to the audience and if it accurately represents the company. Roughly half the time we find ourselves with enough inconsistencies that need to be addressed before we can move to other tactics because if we don’t get this right, other tactics can’t be completed properly.

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Baseball to B2B Marketing: 3 Lessons on how to generate success

22 Sep

Lisa Shepherd

For fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, August 2015 was a month for the history books. And now they’ve won the series opener against the New York Yankees.

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A surprising secret of success for marketing companies

This is lesson number nine from Lisa Shepherd’s new book on B2B marketing, The Radical Sales Shift. The lesson reveals a secret of success for marketing companies and marketing managers. How do you achieve success in your work with clients? It has less to do with quality of work or quantity of results than you'd think.  In fact, success has everything to do with the short-term speed of activity.  

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Should you replace your weak sales people with marketers?

25 Aug

Lisa Shepherd

This article originally appeared on B2B News Network.

Cold calling - a thing of the past?

One of the questions we were asked at our Marketing Speed Dating session came from the CEO of a B2B services company in a mature industry. The question was, “I currently have sales people doing cold calling, but I’m wondering if I should switch them over to doing marketing.”

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Before you call a marketing consultant

It’s that time of year again. You know, when you’re thinking about your marketing efforts of the past year, and wondering if some outside help is the best way to get your marketing function working the way it should. We know - we hear from a lot of executives of B2B companies starting at this time of year.  

Before you get in touch with a marketing consultant, there are a few things that we at Mezzanine think you should consider. After all, when you make that phone call or write that email, you want to be able to tell the consultant what it is you need!

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Navigating the Ship: The advantages of working in a team

17 Jul

Lisa Shepherd

Before joining The Mezzanine Group as a Marketing Director, I was the Vice President of Marketing for a mid-sized financial services firm. In addition to various corporate duties, I was responsible for:

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3 Lessons for a Career in B2B Marketing

19 May

Lisa Shepherd

Thinking of a career as a B2B marketer?  Smart choice.  While there aren't as many B2B marketers as there are consumer marketers, the profession is growing and is full of opportunity for strategic thinkers who want to make a real impact on the businesses they work with.    

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How to keep up with the pace of change in marketing

01 Apr

Karen Hazan

In marketing, success is now about adapting.

Marketers of the past could get by using the same tools every year (direct mail, TV, trade shows) and merely tweaking the formula. Now marketers have to adapt to entirely new technologies and methodologies every year.

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Creating Killer Content Using Google's Keyword Planner

19 Feb

Lisa Shepherd

It’s Time to Let Your Prospects Educate Themselves

Here, we’ll unveil a step-by-step guide which shows you how to use the Keyword Planner to create killer content...

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Why spending more time on your smartphone can help you close sales

It’s a new year, and everyone is in the resolution list-making frame of mind. No better time to reflect on your business development processes, and remind ourselves of some best practices when it comes to sales follow-ups.

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