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How often should I redesign my website?

30 Oct

Lisa Shepherd

Often when I talk to clients about updating their website they say, ‘but we just updated it’.  And of course, ‘just’ means something different to everyone.  The reality is there is no hard and fast rule on how often you need to update your website but you do need to keep it current both from a content and design perspective if you want it to get you results.  Your website is often the first point of contact a prospect has with your brand so you need to think about what your site is communicating about you.


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What an outdated website communicates about you

13 Feb

Lisa Shepherd

Perception is stronger than reality. Your website isn’t just a marketing tool it is a representation of you and your company in every way. 

Two-thirds to 90% of the buying process happens before a potential customer or lead even contacts you.[1] What does this mean? What is the customer doing in the early stages of the buying process? The answer is simple, research. They are researching what they want, weighing their options and checking out potential businesses that can fulfill their needs. That means they are visiting your website to learn more about you and what your business does. However, a bad website can turn a hot lead absolutely cold.

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