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Win Your Marketing For a Year

Jun 1, 2010 2:10:28 PM / by The Mezzanine Group

Big news from The Mezzanine Group today: We've launched our ‘Win Your Marketing Department’ contest which will award one lucky Canadian company $75,000 in marketing services for a year.

We've been working with Canadian SMBs for almost a decade and one of the things we always see is that they’re often great – fantastic – at what they do (from wood chippers to retractable roofs to retaining walls) but their marketing usually isn’t as good as their products and services. It’s because marketing takes a back seat (especially in B2B companies) and admittedly, it’s hard to manage all the moving parts in marketing – especially these days with online and traditional marketing. Many small and medium enterprises don't know where to begin. Rightly or wrongly, many just feel that it's not worth the expenditure.

But that’s bad for business. It means companies have a harder time attracting new customers and a much harder time demonstrating that their solutions are worth extra dollars.

We think differently. And want to prove it by putting our money where our mouth is: We're going to give one great Canadian SMB a solid marketing plan, a dedicated marketing-implementation manager, and the resources of our company for a year -- $75,000 in marketing services, entirely free of charge.

If you run/manage a Canadian small or medium enterprise, go to winyourmarketing.com to find out more.

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