FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        May 22, 2019


The Surprising New Reality of How Mid-Market Companies Market Themselves



TORONTO, ONTARIO—May 22, 2019—

Canadian mid-market companies are changing their view on the role of marketing and its impact on business success. Results from The Mezzanine Group’s 2019 B2B Marketing Benchmark Study offers several surprising insights into how organizations are viewing the role of marketing.

“In a significant shift from previous years, our 2019 study reveals that B2B marketers are prioritizing the overall effectiveness of marketing, and not just lead generation,” says Lisa Shepherd, The Mezzanine Group’s Founder. “There was a time when B2B companies wanted to go out guns blazing to get leads, but they’ve learned that a silver-bullet focus on lead generation isn’t the most effective. They realize that marketing is a complex machine, with many moving parts working together to achieve success.”

The study also reveals a new focus on increasing brand awareness, which, for the first time ever, has replaced ‘accelerating the sales cycle’ as the #2 most common objective.

This year, companies cited marketing, not sales, as the function that will have the most impact on their business. “This marks another important shift from our 2015 study, where sales took the lead,” says Shepherd. “Many companies are tapped out on operational improvements and are now looking to marketing as the business function that has the ability to propel their business forward.”

While marketing surveys often focus on larger organizations, Mezzanine has given a voice to mid-market companies in the only marketing study that targets companies of this size in Canada. Over 200 small and mid-sized Canadian B2B companies have participated in the study since its inception.

First fielded in 2012 and then updated in 2015, the 2019 study benchmarks B2B companies on marketing objectives, performance, budget and effectiveness. The data is self-assessed, and the results are intended to help B2B companies understand where they are leading and where they are lagging in marketing performance. This year’s study reveals new insights about the marketing methods and goals that B2B professionals are prioritizing, and it shows a growing maturity in their approach to marketing.

B2B company revenue leaders, including CEOs, VPs of Sales and Chief Revenue Officers, will find useful information in Mezzanine’s 2019 B2B Marketing Benchmark Study to guide their revenue generation plans. The use of traditional marketing tactics, such as print advertising and trade shows, continue to decline as companies invest more in digital marketing, with their websites being the top priority. Companies are investing significantly more in content marketing where they can showcase their expertise through blog posts, whitepapers and articles. The study results may also influence way the way resources are allocated between marketing and sales to achieve revenue goals.

For every study survey completed, Mezzanine donated to Windmill Microlending, a not-for-profit organization that offers microloans to help skilled immigrants and refugees continue their careers in Canada.  “We’re very grateful to The Mezzanine Group, and all the survey respondents, for this donation,” said Claudia Hepburn, CEO of Windmill Microlending. “We’ll use it to help another skilled newcomer pay for the training they need to restart their career in Canada.”

To obtain a copy of the 2019 study, download it here.



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Windmill Microlending is Canada’s largest and most successful microlending charity for skilled immigrants and refugees. Windmill converts potential into prosperity by offering low-interest loans to help skilled newcomers obtain the credentials they need to restart their careers in Canada. Windmill is located in Calgary, with offices in Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver, and serves clients across the country. Windmill Microlending is a registered charity supported by donors, government, sponsors and granting agencies. 



Lisa Shepherd