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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on September 05, 2012

Your prospects' first impression of your company or product/service is most likely dependent on your website. Although piquing their interest is imperative, it is only half the battle. You also need to keep them on the site and engaged each step of the way. Consequently, having the ability to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your site, such that you have the intelligence knowledge needed to continuously improve and evolve it, is extremely important.

In our outsourced marketing division, we typically recommend that B2B companies first focus on getting the site up to date with relevant information, make obvious improvements to the navigation, include social media tools wherever possible, and focus on the keywords that will drive traffic to the site. While we do spend a considerable amount of time analyzing the best possible solutions for the site before launching, there is still tweaking that needs to be made once we go live. So we roll up our sleeves and begin to monitor where and how visitors are utilizing the website, then we can maximize how they funnel through the information with the goal to convert as many as possible into leads.

Here are some great tools available to help you analyze your traffic and make clever adjustments.

Give us a call today at 416-598-4684 and speak with Lisa Shepherd if you need help with your website and want to determine how to improve engagement with your visitors.

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