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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on March 06, 2019

In the world of inbound marketing, B2B marketers are using blogs as a common tactic to get more online visibility. According to Hubspot, 60% of marketers say that blogs are their top inbound marketing priority. There are several good reasons to blog – from improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic to positioning your brand as an industry leader and building better customer relationships. Many of us however are not leveraging our blogs as a potential opportunity for conversion and lead generation – a missed opportunity.

So how do you do that?  Here are four practical strategies you can use, that when combined, will double the lead generation potential of every blog post you create.



1. Create a Blog Post Frequently

There is a lot of speculation around blog frequency out there. Research has shown that B2B companies publishing 11+ blog posts per month get almost 3X more traffic than those publishing between 0-1 posts per month. It has also shown that these organizations get 3.75X as many leads as those blogging 0-3 times per month. This is where blogging benefits search engine optimization and contributes to back links when promoting via social networks. Maybe you need to work up to this volume, or you may find it doesn’t bring you the results you expected. Test and adapt for your market.

Wait, are you still gasping at the sheer number of posts you need to create to increase your traffic and leads? I bet you’re thinking, “how in the world do I generate that much content for my blog?” Time constraints are undoubtedly a challenge. Many B2B marketers have this concern when it comes to consistent, good quality blog content.


2. Upcycle Your Existing Content

You already have existing content from webinars, white papers, eBooks, case studies, infographics and more. These are investment-heavy tactics – both from a time and money standpoint – making it critical that you not see them as one-time use and done. Leveraging these assets to create small blog articles will save you time in the content creation process and help alleviate the spinning wheel effect when trying to come up with your next blog topic.


3. Make Every Blog a Landing Page with Opt-In Opportunities

Since you’re leveraging your value-add content to create your blog articles, take advantage of inbound traffic and potential conversion opportunities by ensuring your blog page acts like a landing page. Place a call to action to the asset that blog article is derived so readers have the opportunity to download additional information and learn more. Having a gated form will enable you to identify the visitor and generate a new lead, monitor the visitor’s engagement levels with other content and fuel the direction of the sales conversation.


4. Promote Your Blog

Use your other communication channels such as social media or a newsletter to remind your audience that you’re producing this great content for them. We promote our blog 2-3 times via our channels as we realize our audience is busy and might not remember to check in frequently for new content.

By treating every blog page like a landing page, you will essentially create hundreds of conversion opportunities for your business – think 3.75X more leads every month. Can you imagine what that bump could do for your sales pipeline and revenue? We believe in blogging. To learn more, contact us today.

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