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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on May 31, 2011

It’s time to revisit a past blog topic on the power of Public Relations. We previously shared the impact a focused PR effort can have on a B2B company; particularly companies specializing in niche industries.

Public Relations is a cost-effective way to share news about your company such as product announcements/upgrades, customer success stories, company accolades, to name a few. We recently began working with a company in the power quality industry and recommended PR as a key marketing priority. With a number of specialized industry publications and online resources; PR is a great way for this company to increase its profile, raise awareness of its expertise and specialized offering. And it’s working!

In niche industries, trade publications yearn for great content. By building relationships with key media and generating relevant press releases you can turn your company’s news into the next published article.

Here are 4 quick tips to kick-start your PR effort:

1) Build a highly targeted media list – You’ll need to do your research on this one. Depending on your business and the number of verticals you serve; you can build a very robust media list. Research key industry publications by vertical. Find the appropriate person to send news to (usually the Editor-in-Chief).

2) Develop news-worthy press releases consistently – PR is all about consistency. Companies should try and develop at least one news item per quarter if not more. Whether your company recently won an award or landed a significant deal, there’s news to share.

3) Send your press release in a personalized email – Using your targeted media list, send your press release in personalized email to each publication/news source. Doing so helps to create relationships with people that control what news items are published – the editors!

4) Follow-up – Editors are inundated with news; it’s really important to spend time following-up to ensure your news was received.

This approach is proving very valuable for our client in the power quality industry. A recent press release garnered coverage from six highly regarded industry publications.

What sort of PR are you doing?

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