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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on July 09, 2012

4 Ways to Add Spark to your B2B MarketingDoes the following sound like your B2B marketing efforts?

You invest time strategizing how to make your brand stand out from the competition and captivate potential customers while you're implementing the same marketing collateral and communication tools that you did 5 years ago! You are not alone. Many companies spend way too much time – and focus – generating genius ideas only to repeat the safe, same, comfortable marketing tactics time and time again.

In a marketing age that evolves by the minute, sameness is boring! Here are 4 simple ideas for spicing up your B2B marketing strategy to engage potential customers and generate results.

1. Use simple videos to share your story.

Video is the best tool for engaging potential customers. And it doesn't need to be an expensive, super-polished corporate video. Focus on inexpensive 30-60 second videos that create a feeling of authenticity.

Example: If your unique value proposition is focused around exceptional customer service, create a series of short videos focused on the people of your company and the promise they deliver each day to your customers.

Or let’s say your value proposition is focused around real-life testing of your products, create a series of field test videos showing your products in action.

2. Tap into your organic weirdness.

Find what is unconventional about your company – it could be what you do or the way you do it - and find a way to share it with the world. Every company has quirks and insights unique to their history and experiences. Don’t hide these things—they make your company interesting to potential customers.

Example: If you have developed a unique testing process that makes your products more reliable than any others of its kind – talk about it!

3. Share your knowledge.

Provide useful (or entertaining) information on your specialty. When someone thinks about your niche, you want to be the go-to company. Gone are the days when companies wanted to keep everything hush-hush. Be sure to boast about your expertise by being the educator.

Example: Develop a blog, send out press releases, write a white paper, put yourself out there for interviews, and keep active and present on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter.

4. Contribute and give back.

If you don’t care about anything besides making money, people will stop caring about your company. Giving back could be a philanthropic initiative if it relates to your company's vision and mission; however, it could be as simple as participating in local associations, presenting a seminar, or providing advice through a blog.

Social media has made it incredibly easy to find your fans and build your tribe, and it's a fantastic vehicle to promote your contributions. Learn some tips on how LinkedIn can support your marketing tactics and find ways to promote your company's contributions.

It’s time to take your marketing strategy and planning to the next level. Create a brand that is not just good, but extraordinary!

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