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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on March 29, 2011

Webinars have the highest perceived benefit of any B2B lead generation tactic today.

So if putting out webinars was the silver bullet, why doesn’t it work for everyone? Here are a few tips to help your webinar stand out with your viewers.

  1. Media rich, but bandwidth light
    Just like you, your viewers want to be entertained but may not always be in a position to keep pace with a high definition feed. Be mindful of your audience and cater to them accordingly. For example, if your target market is in rural areas with slower data speeds offer simpler media alternatives

  2. A picture says a thousand words
    For anyone that has sat through an hour long webinar that was simply a series of text slides and an audio voice over, you’ll know it can get pretty boring. If you have a lot of content to cover, try splitting it up with images, video clips and graphs.

  3. Keep it on point
    Don’t clutter your message with tangents or off topic discussion. There is no data to suggest that long webinars do better than short ones, so skip the fluff and stick to the core message.

  4. Survey after the webinar is done
    To know how your webinar was received you have to ask. Conducting a short survey after the webinar will give you valuable insights that could help make your next webinar that much better

  5. Follow up
    Send a download link of your webinar a day or two after the webinar itself. This will reinforce the message you made and enable your viewers to share it with colleagues and friends (and they do).

  6. Keep the conversation going
    Leverage online information networks to continue the conversation about the webinar. Use your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages to engage anyone that was unable to join the webinar itself and stimulate follow up discussion.

It is important to understand that webinars can be made more successful through some of these tips, but the core of it remains the content you provide. Content should be current, relevant to your audience and easy to digest.

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