B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on April 26, 2011

We have written extensively on the power of a strong marketing strategy and the steps each company can go through to develop one. As part of the process we go through here at Mezzanine, the marketing strategy includes a set of key messages by target. These key messages form the foundation for all marketing content we generate throughout the year.

For each subsequent year, many companies rely on the same marketing strategy, having gone through the rigorous process; often the strategy doesn’t need changing. What does need to be revisited is the focus of the marketing messages.

A lot can happen in a year, and so it’s really important to take time to perform a thorough environmental scan and gather feedback internally to discuss any changes in customer pain points, competitive threats that need to be combated and/or opportunities to push specific product/service features. Edit / develop new marketing messages to highlight new or changing areas of focus.

Examples include: a focus on ‘green’ and the environmental impact of your offering; informative messaging to better educate a target market on your company and value proposition (particularly if entering new verticals or geographic marketing); technical messaging – if there’s a need to better highlight technical differences between your product and a competitor’s, etc.

Whether it is a new trend, focus on a new vertical or market, adapting marketing messages is a critical exercise that each company needs to undertake even if there are no changes to the overall marketing strategy. It helps to ensure your firm stays relevant, is proactive to market trends/competitive threats and demonstrates your ability to listen to changing customer needs

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