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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on December 19, 2011

With so many articles and blogs being written today it’s hard to know where to look for good information. Here are my top four articles, in no particular order:

10 New Google Analytics Features You Need to Start Using

For those of you that already use Google Analytics, you know of the many benefits of this free tool. The insights you can extract to make better decisions about how your market (keywords) and who you market to is extensive. Well now there are more reasons to use and love Google Analytics.

A New Way to Crowdsource Customer Feedback

A powerful example of how collecting feedback from your client base can be very insightful and helpful to your bottom line. Understanding your client base helps you better address their needs and develop new products or services they actually want; it helps you understand where there is room for improvement and allow you to turn failing relationships into ambassadors again; and it allows you to glean some of the market’s perception of your business.

4 Things to Know When Planning a Social Media Contest

A handy article to read if you’re planning on running with any social media or online based contest.

Business Trends From 2011 We're Sick Of

This article may not feel like it applies to most B2B businesses but don’t take the article to literally. All it really means to teach us is that like anything else, jumping on the bandwagon too quickly and for the wrong reasons may leave you looking like a sheep. A very uncreative sheep.

Have you read an article lately that you think is worth sharing? Or perhaps one that contradicts what we’ve seen here? We would love to hear from you.

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