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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on January 30, 2014

When did you last review your business services unique value proposition? Research Manager Colleen Cronin explains why all service companies require a UVP, and why it is still relevant in the digital age.

Though companies can offer both products and services, business services marketing requires a slightly different marketing approach. Different tactics work better for services as opposed to products. Why? When marketing a service, you are marketing an intangible which is measured based on relationships, processes, outcomes and the quality of the service delivered. If you don’t like the service, unlike a product, you can’t return it. Precisely because business services deliver an intangible value, a strong and differentiated value proposition that communicates that value to your client base is crucial to your business growth.

What is a UVP?team

Your UVP is the single most compelling reason why a prospect should buy from you over all other options, vendors and choices they have.

What makes you unique depends on your abilities, systems/processes, niche and offering(s) and how well you deliver them.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your services have to be for a specific target audience with situations, pain points, needs and budgets that are relevant to your clients. Targeting companies with 5-500 lawyers or PCs or healthcare providers sends a marketing message that conveys you have more of a broad understanding of their specific market segment(s) and processes required to service their client base and would have a harder time providing meaningful insights into their particular needs.

Know What Your Competitors Are Offering

If competitors are offering the same services as you are then the offer becomes based on price and the level of service provided, making it more difficult for clients to choose a provider. Make providing more value to your clients your UVP. Test value-add offers and incentives to see which ones appeal to your best clients.

Is your UVP a clear choice for your clients and prospects?

There are scenarios where companies have a clear UVP but don’t market it very well, negatively impacting sales. They think their UVP is obvious, so it should be obvious to everyone else. Clearly messaging your UVP will help prospects and current clients understand the value of the services received. A monthly newsletter is a great way to communicate your UVP and remind clients you are there to help them solve their problems, and to tell prospects what you do.

Another scenario is UVPs become irrelevant due to market, business and technology changes or are hijacked by competitors. Often companies are so busy working "in the business” they don’t have an opportunity to see that competitors have adopted similar UVPs, which of course, aren’t unique anymore. Then you need to refine your service offer. Make sure it is still relevant to your clients and prospects. Rediscover what value it is you bring them that has them choose you over other options. Ask them what are their current challenges, needs and issues. Then figure out how it is you solve those problems better than anyone else.

Most importantly, you must tell them, or in the case of clients, remind them, what it is you do that is unique. Substantiate with facts, helpful information, testimonials, client case studies and if it makes sense, guarantees.

Then they will more confidently know why they choose you over other competitive options, and being top of mind, will be more likely to refer your services.

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