B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on February 16, 2010

For a good part of the 90s I lived overseas. Half a year in France, a year in the UK, and then 3 in Japan. And I travelled extensively - in more than 30 countries by the year 2000. I came back from that experience a changed person. Before living overseas, Canada was just the place I was born and grew up. After living overseas, it was the place I chose to be. I knew what other countries offered and what we had here. I realized we have something great.

Ever since then I’ve been working to take more of Canada to the world. Canadian businesses are so often great at what they do, but not great at telling others about it. So I (and Mezzanine) spend my time marketing those great companies to the world, and at home. We shout their praises from the highest mountain tops so that others know about them and how great they are. These companies deserve to be recognized as world leaders for what they do – and to enjoy the financial rewards of their innovation, initiative and hard work.

I’m enjoying watching the Olympics and seeing Canada pursue an aggressive goal and achieve it. This is an exciting time. I hope it’s the start for all of Canada – not just the sports world but the business world too – to pursue their rightful positions as global leaders. We have every reason to do so.

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