B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on April 16, 2010

...The dust has settled and Apple launched the iPad to tremendous fanfare. What's interesting to note is that the iPad and iPhone don't support Adobe's Flash – which is big news for internet marketers and advertisers, as a great many internet ads are created using Flash. To replace it, Apple is pushing for an open standard based on HTML 5... which, although still in its early stages, is a better alternative. Flash has long been noted as a resource-hog and not effective at what it does. The decision to exclude it from iPad is Apple’s way of catalyzing change. If the iPhone and iPad supported Flash, the overall user experience would suffer, with excessive resource/bandwidth usage and far shorter battery-life. So Apple didn’t include it. As far as I can tell, Flash's days are numbered. Web developers, consider yourselves warned.

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