B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on June 27, 2008

I read all sorts of fancy business books that inundate the reader with technical jargon and theoretical systems which supposedly help you sell your product or service. While some of these books offer interesting insights - I think a lot of it is BS.

To improve sales and marketing you should focus on what Mr. Warren Buffet speaks of all the time - Competitive Advantage. If you can communicate your competitive advantage(s) clearly - you will sell more. Guaranteed. When a potential customer asks you "why the hell should I buy from you?" - you should have a list of objective statements that support why you are better than the next chump. Delivering cliches and overarching subjective statements doesn't cut it. Example:

Bad Competitive Advantage Statement: "We are comitted to high quality customer service."

Good Competitive Advantage Statement: "Mezzanine works with 5 of the top 10 technology firms on the Branham 300 list and has a proprietary database of customer satisfaction data that allows our technology clients to objectively benchmark how well they know their customers."

Sweeping statements like "we are committed to high quality customer service" are ineffective. Great - you are committed to customer service - along with every other business in existence. Being able to deliver objective statements that outline why you are better than the competition will help you sell more. And if you can't identify quantitatively why you are better - start trying. Talk to past customers and try to understand how your product or service helped them - focus on objective data from your customers that will yield you quantitative results.

So next time someone asks "why should I buy from you?" think about delivering one or two (or as many as you can identify) objective reasons why you are better.

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