B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on July 20, 2010

Lead nurturing is absolutely essential to B2B companies. In complex sales which involve multiple decision makers, a big price tag and months of evaluation and negotiation, lead nurturing is the process that keeps customers engaged and your company top of mind.

In our busy world, I’ve often heard marketers say that there’s no such thing as too much communication. Communication means your message is getting out there, your customers are hearing it, and you have a hope of being understood.

But a new study from McKinsey says that’s not true at all. In a survey of 1,252 corporate buyers, when asked ‘Where do things go wrong’ (in the sales and marketing process), 36% said “Too Much Contact (in person, by phone or via email)”.

That’s remarkable – over one third of company buyers are saying that they were put off by too much contact from a vendor.

The moral – be very careful about your lead nurturing and sales process. Think from the perspective of the customer – how much contact is useful, and how much is just plain annoying?

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