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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on June 04, 2012

Any experienced blogger in a B2B environment understands the challenge of coming up with fresh ideas to blog about. Check out my top five tried and tested B2B blog ideas list (in no particular order) for small and mid-sized companies to help you get started. Happy blogging!

  1. White papers – Write a blog about a recent white paper your company has developed and include a review or snippets of interesting information from the white paper to entice the reader to want more. Don’t forget to include a link to your white paper!
  2. Industry Events – Write a blog about an upcoming industry event by including the date, location, notable speakers and a couple of paragraphs highlighting the relevance of the event to your readers.
  3. List of relevant trade publications – Most people are interested in reading relevant information to their industry but have little time to research and figure out which publications they should read. Include a list of 5 publications with links to their sites to make it easy for the reader to get more details.
  4. Industry hot topics – Hot topics make for good blogs. Write about a hot topic that is currently affecting your industry.
  5. Weekly “top tweets” – Writing a blog about the weekly top tweets is a good way to review the most relevant information that was put out by your company. It’s not always necessary to create new content. There are times when repurposing what you have is more effective.

There are many other blog topics such as case studies, lists and videos that can be used very effectively when trying to figure out what you will write about next. Hopefully, this list will help you get started.

What blog topics do you like to write about?

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