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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on April 01, 2016

Marketing managers have it tough these days – constantly juggling changing priorities, they need to effectively manage projects, staff and multiple vendors (or do the work themselves), get through their own to-do lists, and be accountable. This balancing act can sometimes be difficult and hard to maintain for the long run.

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So how can marketing managers find some relief? There’s often no single solution to problems that arise from trying to do too much with limited time and resources, but an outsourced marketing agency can help. Here are four major problem areas where an outsourced marketing agency can make a big impact.

1. Overwhelmed Marketing Staff

Increased competition and an unstable economy means that companies are forced to run leaner operations, and marketing departments are often the hardest-hit when it’s time to cut down on staff to save costs. That’s why many marketing managers must often make do with a skeleton staff, pitching in where they can or sometimes, do the work alone. That leaves little time for strategic planning or growth.

An outsourced marketing agency can help ease the burden. They can work alongside the staff and manager, to help them accomplish goals. The great thing about an outside agency is that they need little to no training – companies can get access to experienced professionals of all levels who already know what to do and can start adding value right away. This can save marketing managers time and money, and free up their schedule to be involved in more strategic endeavours.

2.Outdated Knowledge

 Thanks to technology and increased ease of communication, changes happen at lightning speed. While traditional marketing dominated for a very long time, it’s fast becoming outdated. Sure, some of the fundamentals remain the same, but techniques and technologies are constantly moving forward and, unless marketing managers dedicate the time and manpower to stay current, it’s difficult to keep up.

Marketing agencies live and breathe the most current methods and technologies in the world of marketing, every day. An outsourced agency comes with current research and experience so that the company’s team doesn’t have to. Agency marketers can instantly suggest and implement new programs and promotions that will help boost the company’s profits. They also use new methods of collecting and interpreting data, which can be used to create a roadmap to increase leads and close more sales. 

3. Lack of Communication Between the Marketing Team and Executives

Often, there is a communication gap between marketers and executives within the same company. Higher-ups and c-suite execs may have difficulty understanding the thought process behind marketing decisions and often require “proof” in the form of numbers, that help rationalize spend.

Marketers know that measurement and analytics provide the “proof”. Relevant research and data are the keys to developing the most impactful marketing plans, bringing in customers and providing ROI. An outsourced marketing agency can be used to conduct research and collect data which, in turn, can be used to bridge the communication gap between executives and the marketing department.

4. Difficulty in Working with Sales

In her book, “The Radical Sales Shift”, The Mezzanine Group’s Principal, Lisa Shepherd not only talks about how buyers have changed, but how marketing and sales must now work hand-in-hand to help their company close more leads. Traditionally, the marketing department passes on leads to sales. But, if sales isn’t closing these leads or aren’t getting the right kind of leads, it becomes a major problem for the company.

This is where an outsourced agency can step in, as a third-party with no political agenda, and help close the sales loop. They can take an objective view when identifying issues, and provide guidance on process improvement. They can also help identify areas of opportunity to deliver more marketing qualified leads to the sales department, increasing the likelihood of gaining more clients.


Should You Hire an Outsourced Marketing Agency?


If you’re a marketing manager faced with such problems or you own a business without any type of marketing support, you should consider hiring an outside marketing agency.

Want to know more about hiring a marketing agency? Consider The Mezzanine Group.  We offer a wide range of marketing services, from marketing planning to execution. Give us a call now or drop us a line, and let us know how we can help!

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