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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on October 24, 2009

Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine editor and author of The Long Tail and Free - The Future of a Radial Price) was one of the speakers at the Canadian Business Leadership Forum. His talk was related to his new book - Free - and how to do business in an era when so much is expected for free.

All that was good. But he started his talk on a related but different theme - that what we are living in now is 'The Golden Age of Small Business". He believes this is true for two reasons and they make perfect sense to me:

a) there is a massive 'release' of talent from big companies. Lots of smart people are now looking for an opportunity - and they'll find it at small businesses.

b) the tools to create a small business are more available and less costly than ever before. You can create a large global presence with a website, outsourced IT, open-source software and everything else you need at almost no cost.

I thought this was a great message and one that should be shared with entrepreneurs everywhere. We are living in exciting times - the Googles of next decade are being created today. Are you one of them?

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