B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on June 07, 2011

No one ever thought that consumers would want to make their lives public, I certainly didn’t. But with better and better smartphones, come better and better apps. And now it’s all about location based services. Not only can companies push offers and information based on consumer location, but consumers are now opting to let everyone know where they are at particular times of their day.

Based on ComScore data, 7.1% of users of mobile phones use apps such as Foursquare to check in. With Smartphones, that percentage is more than double at 17.6%! These users are likely the best users for mobile retail shopping, and most likely early adopters of all the other exciting technologies emerging these days.

So what does this mean for you as a business? If you need to target certain audiences, there is some really great data about what certain target audiences frequent as well as what and how they buy.

Have you taken advantage of some of this mobile data? Are you planning to? Have you discovered other great uses for the mobile channel in your business practice?

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