B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on June 10, 2010
We often hear the problem with marketing is that "it’s all art and not enough science." At Mezzanine, we practice scientific marketing – delivering marketing programs that drive business results. A successful marketing program can only be built around solid business objectives. And like any program, it needs to be assessed on a regular basis to allow for adjustments and refinements.

When approaching marketing as a science, specific metrics are established to allow companies to track the effectiveness of their efforts. For example, a company may establish the following business objective - generate 20 leads each month. A series of marketing activities are developed to drive leads into the buying funnel, if some of those activities are proving less effective than originally anticipated, marketers can adjust and refine accordingly. A common misconception of marketing is that once the plan is completed and execution has begun the work is over - all you can do is sit back and wait. On the contrary, the work has only begun.

Take stock of your program. Track program metrics each month and assess the effectiveness of each tactic quarterly. Doing so gives marketers time to adjust any tactics. It may involve minor tinkering or replacing a tactic all together.

Market conditions change, new forces affect consumer behavior and many other unforeseen circumstances can all have an effect on your marketing program. Take time to reassess and recalibrate. Your results will be much better because of it.

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