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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on August 26, 2009

Have you heard the latest trend in informercials? It's mini-informercials of 2 - 3 minutes long that get bundled together as a 30-minute TV show and broadcast over major networks. I received a call from one of these shows last year. Their pitch was that they would come to our office, tape the team and clients doing what we do, put an informational spin on it and then broadcast it multiple times over a designated time frame. They pitched it as though we had been chosen from among a select group of possible companies and that it was the chance of a lifetime. There was just one small consideration - there would be a $25k cost (borne by Mezzanine) for them to come tape us.

It all sounds so much like those telemarketing calls where you're told you've won a vacation, you just have to pay $1000 to claim it.

I'd love to hear from someone who's had a good experience with these mini-informercials. Not that I doubt that they can be powerful, I just think that a company has to be in the right industry and at the right stage of their evolution for it to work.

For us, it didn't make sense to pursue this because it wasn't the right tactic given our market (types of customers and geographic reach). When you're thinking about what marketing investments to make, think carefully about what kinds of channels and tools will get through to your customers, and what kind of process they go through to make a buying decision. Don't spend huge dollars on a 'get marketing quick' scheme, because more likely than not it won't yield good ROI.

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