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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on November 04, 2010

Rick Spence wrote a great analysis of marketing's reputation among business owners in Monday's National Post. He points out that marketing is poorly understood and that it is "the Afghanistan of business" - lacking a strong identity and occupying a space between one area of business (production) and another area of business (sales). Which is funny, given that marketing is all about creating an identity and brand for a company - apparently we marketers are better at serving others than we are at serving ourselves.

Rick points to Mezzanine's 'Win Your Marketing Department' contest as an example of great marketing (thanks Rick).

Earlier this year we launched a contest to find a great Canadian company that is not great at marketing. We called it 'Win Your Marketing Department For a Year". We're going to provide $75,000 worth of marketing services over the next year to the winner. We'll start by developing the company's marketing strategy - defining their target market, the position in the market that they will take and the messaging that will capture the attention of their desired customers. We'll decide what marketing tactics will be best at translating that strategy into action and getting the company bang for buck in their marketing investment - the winner has committed over $25,000 of their own funds to marketing. And then we'll make it all happen, by becoming the winner's Marketing Director for a year. Like Rick says in his article, many companies aren't good at implementing their marketing plans because they aren't really sure about marketing and how it works. We'll solve that problem by handling the implementation of the marketing plan for a year, on an outsourced basis.

Rick is going to be dropping in on the winner of the Contest from time to time over the course of the year and see how their marketing is going.

The point of the Win Your Marketing Contest is to shed light on the process and role of marketing. To show business owners what it is and how - when done right - it has a major impact on business growth and success. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the Contest later today...

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