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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on January 30, 2016

Make 2016 your breakout year for B2B marketing success. We've put together a great Kickstart Guide with resources to help you develop your B2B marketing strategy, create your tactical road map, identify your budget, and track your success.


At the end of last year we polled heads of marketing and sales in small and mid-sized B2B companies on what their priorities are for 2016. We bet their answers sound familiar to you!  Some of their top priorities are:

  1. To align marketing with strategic business goals

  2. To make sure sales and marketing talk to each other

  3. To utilize social media effectively

What else did B2B marketers say?  Find out in Kickstart Your 2016 Marketing.  

And to help B2B marketers tackle their biggest priorities this year, we put together some of our best resource in the Kickstart Guide.  

B2B Strategic Marketing Planning

When Mezzanine puts together a marketing plan for a B2B company, we focus on three strategy pillars:

  • Target markets
  • Positioning
  • Messaging

Sure, the 4P's of marketing [product, price, place, promotion] are important. But we think the three pillars are more practical and useful for small and midsize B2B companies. In the Kickstart Guide we outline how to define target markets, how to develop positioning, and how to put together messaging that will resonate with target customers.

B2B Marketing Templates

All great B2B marketers have a toolbox of templates that they use to build their strategic B2B marketing plans quickly and effectively. We've included three of our favorite frameworks in the Kickstart Guide:

  1. Marketing roadmap
    - outline and structure the tactics you'll use to raise awareness, generate leads and drive revenues
  2. Marketing calendar
    - a tool to help you time your tactics to specific months of the year
  3. Budget framework
    - a simple tool to create your budget and allocate it to the many initiatives you'll undertake this year 
  4. Scorecard
    - to help you report on and track your marketing success 

And last but not least, we share keys to success in B2B marketing for 2016. These are our five favorite rules of thumb to make sure we're getting the right things done. We hope Kickstart Your 2016 Marketing helps you achieve your greatest marketing ever.

Kickstart your 2016 marketing

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