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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on October 11, 2009

Marketing prof Robert Kozinets has a provocative article in the National Post on the evolution of marketing.

He says marketing is dying, at least marketing as it's now understood - "the broadcasting of commercial and promotional information" and will be replaced by "consumer centric management".

I agree with him that marketing as 'shouting-really-loudly-in-as-many-directions-as-you-can' will die (thank heavens) and be replaced by something like consumer-centric management. But that's what marketing always has been. It's just become somewhat confused in the last couple of decades. What we're seeing now is it getting back to its core meaning - defining a target market, understanding customer needs, developing products and services to meet those needs, defining effective messages and getting them out there (to purists: yes I know there are a few more things in marketing strategy).

That's why I think marketing is being rediscovered rather than dying. Am I overly optimistic?

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