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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on January 02, 2013

At Mezzanine, we are committed to practicing scientific marketing; that is, we develop marketing plans that drive significant business results. To do this successfully, every marketing program requires solid business objectives as a foundation. Each objective should be assessed on a regular basis in order to adjust the plan as circumstances change.

Scientific marketing requires a measured approach, in which specific metrics are established, enabling companies to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts throughout the course of the plan. For instance, a company may decide that their business objective is to generate 25 leads per month. Marketing tactics within the plan are developed with this goal in mind – designed to drive leads into the sales funnel. Upon assessment, marketers can determine which of these activities are less effective and refine them for future improvement.

Contrary to popular opinion, once the marketing plan is developed and implementation begun, the work is far from over. You can’t sit back and wait for things to grow or improve – instead you must continue this cycle of activity, assessment and adjustment in order to improve and reach your desired target.

To ensure continuous improvement, track metrics on a monthly basis and each tactic quarterly. This provides enough time to adjust, tweak or replace a tactic all together.

Regardless of industry, market conditions - consumers, competitors and other external forces - will change and affect your marketing program. However, by taking the time to recalibrate you will achieve much better results.

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