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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on July 18, 2012

A few weeks ago The Mezzanine Group’s website got a facelift. We wanted to get more strategic about who our messages are targeting, what users learn from our site and the path they take to contacting us about our B2B marketing services. Ultimately, we wanted those people who were picking up the phone or filling out our contact form to be qualified. In other words, ready to engage!

The foundation of our website redesign strategy was based on the following core concepts: relevance, trust, and action. Here’s what we mean:

Relevance – We needed to clearly communicate who we are and what we do so that users can quickly decide if our services are right for them. With relevance in mind, we updated our header to feature the PROFIT 100 logo more prominently (after all, we are proud of this achievement and believe it sets us apart from other marketing firms). We also updated our hero area with stronger visuals, more impactful messaging, and clearer calls-to-action.

Trust – We wanted to make it clear that we help B2B companies achieve amazing results. We have worked with over 200 companies in the past decade and consistently increase leads between 30-100% within 12 months. We knew we needed to start showcasing our success, so we decided to feature some of our most recognizable client logos on our homepage as well as imagery that is more representative of the clients we serve (CEOs in small and mid-sized B2B companies, corporations, non-profits and professional associations).

We have also decided to feature client testimonials throughout the site because these messages speak volumes. In terms of specific examples, we created new call-to-action modules throughout the site that feature links our case studies for clients in various industries and company types.

Action – Why would someone want to contact us? To answer this, we upgraded our site navigation making it easier for users to find information more quickly related to our clients and services. We also added new pages focused on our outsourced marketing service and how we can help with market assessments, competitive intelligence projects or consulting for non-profits and professional associations for example. We added several new call-to-action modules to funnel users through our site more intuitively until ultimately ending up on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Our ‘Download’ button also got a little facelift - we introduced a third colour into the design – to make it very clear that you should ‘Download the white paper’ now!

The final piece of the puzzle

After spending time with our site analytics, we also did further keyword research and updated our page titles and descriptions so that they were more Google and user-friendly. While we had previously optimized our website for terms like ‘b2b marketing’ and ‘business to business marketing’, we identified that these terms may lack specific user search intent. Perhaps users were looking for something more specific? We needed to identify the terms people actually used to identify b2b marketing services firms like ours.

One key learning out of this whole process is that your website is never complete, especially where keywords are concerned. You test, retest, and test again to see which keywords are working for your website. And you must pay attention to Google itself. It constantly changes its algorithms, so make sure you're up to date on any changes. We hope that you like the new look of our site!


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