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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on February 21, 2012

Screen capture software is a great way to create new video B2B marketing content in just a few minutes. This type of software allows you to record any activity on your computer within minutes, complete with your voice over. This provides a quick, easy and cost-effective way to generate compelling video content with which you can easily share on YouTube, LinkedIn, on your website or via email.

This marketing tactic is often used by software companies to showcase software tips, conduct online training or share new apps. With a bit of imagination, screen capture software can be utilized by any marketing department. It can also easily transform a basic Power Point presentation or training manual into a compelling video.

Why are video marketing tools important?

  • Video is simply more engaging than simple text. The more senses you engage, the more engaging you become;
  • Video is the fastest growing marketing communication format;
  • YouTube now is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google;
  • With proper optimization, videos improve your website SEO and web traffic;
  • Comscore reports that 46% of website visitors who watch a video are more likely to make a purchase than other site visitors;

One more argument can be made for the fact that video is a more compelling medium that simple text and is illustrated by James L McQuivey in his 2008 Forrester research paper titled ‘How Video Will Take Over The World’. He states that most people would agree with the common phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. To illustrate how this fact is magnified by video he states that "one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 Million words. This is calculated by considering a second of video contains 30 individual pictures or frames; therefore, a minute of video contains 30x60 = 1,800 pictures. Multiplied by a thousand words per picture, a minute of video is actually worth 1.8 million words." Now there’s something to consider!

What is the highest-rated screen capture software available on the market today?

Snagit (http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html) easily dominates the competition through the widest variety of capture methods, editing capacity and broad help support. With this software you can add new images called “stamps” onto your screenshot, change the viewing perspective of your screen capture and add annotations.

FullShot Professional (http://www.inbit.com/fullshot.html) is effective and easy-to-use screen capture software. It is known for unique sound effects to let you know when you've captured a screenshot. The program allots various methods for capturing the screen, window, object, region or document. All you have to do is click on the appropriate button and the desired image will be captured.

Screenshot Captor (http://screenshot-captor.en.softonic.com/ ) the most highly rated free screen capture software. This program supports multiple screens, full screen, window, rectangular area, and fixed area captures from either hot keys or from the programs menu. It does ask for registration but registration is free.

How have you used screen capturing software in your B2B marketing program?

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