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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on September 10, 2019

Today on-line lead generation is at the tip of every marketers tongue. Really, is there anything else more important? Well, probably yes, but it is a high priority initiative that needs to be happening in order to capture your target market and guide the way to what every business desires, sales.


But how do the efforts of on-line lead generation techniques tie into sales and marketing? And better yet, what are the differences between the two?

Well, for simplicity sake here are how sales leads and marketing leads are differentiated and how they are sought.

Lead generation tactics usually are precursors for sales leads which capture your target market and as such, have shown interest in your product and/or service.

Examples of on-line sales lead generation tactics can include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Campaign Management
  • On-line PR
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Direct Mail
  • Advertising

Marketing leads are largely based on lead nurturing tactics with the hope that they will turn into sales leads. Through thought leadership, for instance, relationships can be fostered that build trust and interest. At which point, turning them into qualified sales leads is just a step away.

Examples of on-line marketing tactics can include:

While sales leads are ultimately what every organization is looking for, marketing leads are still very important to promote your business and gain credibility in your industry. 

Now that we understand how on-line lead generation techniques tie into sales and marketing, let's explore the importance of aligning both efforts to drive revenue.  Download our free whitepaper and learn: 

  • The different types of leads and how to manage them
  • Where different leads fit into the funnel and how to move them to sale
  • The 8 common pitfalls with lead generation
  • 4 tips to ensure you’re working the best leads


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