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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on June 16, 2011

In managing the financial needs of your business do you assign the work to a few different employees/firms or do you have one person/company who oversees all financial duties?

I believe the answer is fairly obvious and this scenario should be no different when it comes to the marketing needs for your company.

Otherwise you may get into a scenario where the left hand and the right hand aren’t communicating. This can lead to gaps, overlap of efforts and inaccurate metrics.

It’s best to have one Chief, or in this case, one marketing director. They take ownership of the goals, budgets and outcomes for all of the marketing activities and as such, they ensure that every task, tactic and message is matching up correctly to those objectives.

In keeping with good operating practices one person, the marketing director, needs to take ownership of the department and with that responsibility comes accountability.

At the end of the day you need to be able to gather information regarding the performance and results for the marketing of your company. This is much more easily and effectively achieved if it comes from one person; the one who is involved in implementing all activities and who is held accountable for their plan.

Lastly, having your marketing director spearhead the marketing tasks for your company will allow for consistent communication across all activities regardless of the medium.

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