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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on December 05, 2011

Earlier this year, Microsoft Tag published a unique infographic describing the current state of mobile marketing. As a rapidly developing sector, research suggests that mobile will overtake desktop usage by 2014.

Are you ready for the emergence of the mobile web? What strategies and marketing efforts do you have in place to make sure you’re ready to ride the wave?

More people are spending time on their mobile phones than ever before.

I wanted to share a few tips from Marketing Sherpa on email marketing for mobile from an interesting webinar I recently attended called ‘Email Marketing Must Know Tactics and Tips for 2012’.

Click here to access the webinar slides.

Many marketers are already beginning to design email campaigns to render properly on smartphones.

Here are a few tips to ensure an excellent mobile experience:

  • Narrow your emails – many marketers are opting to design at 320 pixels
  • Increase font size – Minimum 14 pt. font
  • Add space around links – allow fingers to accurately touch links
  • Prioritize the use of tracking URLs – especially if you’re showing URLs in text-formatted emails – these can take up several lines per screen
  • Write brief copy – Slim down subject lines and pre-header text. Prioritize content above the fold. Include a brief call-to-action in top left-hand area. Make sure your mobile emails are under 20K. Add ‘view mobile edition’ link.
  • Preview and Test – Test either in-house or with paid services to preview email campaigns across multiple email clients and mobile devices

How will mobile change your marketing strategy for 2012?

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