B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on May 25, 2011

In North America, we live in a very Google-centric world. While Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) is doing a good job of gaining market share, Google still has 65% of the search market.

But if you’re selling and marketing your products and services internationally, it’s important to know that Google isn’t the only game in town. Any investment you make in search engine optimization (SEO) should be tailored to the markets you’re targeting.

Did you know that Google isn’t the main search engine in a number of important markets?

Make sure that the SEO company you’re working with has some experience dealing with these other search engines and that they’re optimizing your site to perform well on them. Most SEO companies focus on Google - understandably for North American companies - but if they’re optimizing for Google and you’re trying to grow in Russia, you’re missing 75% of that market.

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