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Written by LAndrew
on August 23, 2013

Your marketing professionals are responsible for demonstrating ROI and key learnings on every tactic – when was the last time you asked some probing questions?

As a CEO running a B2B organization, you need to know how your marketing programs are contributing to your business’s growth. If you are uncertain how your B2B marketing strategies and programs are impacting your organization, you are not alone.

For your own benefit and to ensure you employ the best suited marketing expertise to serve your company, I suggest you start by asking your B2B marketer eight key questions to gain a deeper understanding of how marketing contributes to your organization’s growth and strength:

  1. How is the brand perceived by customers and prospects? This is a deep look at what your customers and prospects are thinking and saying about your company.
  2. What are the most effective systems for generating new leads for our business? This is all about gaining clarity on the B2B marketing strategies and tactics that deliver the best leads. This is an area where sales can provide feedback on marketing tools and programs that are proving to be the most successful.
  3. What are the most effective systems for closing sales? This is data on the approaches that have the highest success rate of converting leads to new customers.
  4. What is our competitive advantage? Read tips for defining your company’s competitive advantage.
  5. What measurements are being used to track the results of our marketing efforts? This is all about measurable results and data.
  6. What is my return on marketing investment? This is learning more about how your marketing dollars are proving to be a positive return on your investment.

For each of the questions above, a fantastic secondary question is: How do you know? Your marketing professionals are responsible for demonstrating ROI and key learnings on every tactic, giving you complete confidence that your company’s budget is being effectively allocated.

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