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Written by Karen Hazan
on February 28, 2013

According to The Content Marketing Institute, only 21% of B2B manufacturers rank their content marketing as “effective” or “very effective.” Yet, 36% across all other industries rank themselves as “effective” or “very effective.” These statistics show that further education is needed among manufacturers on how to build effective content marketing.

Content marketing is critical. If you’re not creating content, then you’re not getting the most out of your marketing. Content marketing is an essential part of B2B marketing and it should be a top priority for manufacturers in 2013.

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What is content marketing? It’s the creation and sharing of valuable content intended to inform, educate and engage your target market that will position your company as a thought leader in your industry. Communicating effectively with your audience is a strategic approach that will help you get noticed and stand out from a crowd.

There are several marketing tactics that you can incorporate in your content marketing strategy to help you build credibility, position yourself as a thought leader and ultimately engage your audience. Some of the most common content marketing tactics include case studies, articles, and white papers, B2B blogs, e-newsletters, webinars and videos, all of which require proper preparation and planning. Proper planning includes developing a content marketing strategy, creating customized content that matters to your audience, distributing the content and then measuring the ROI to determine the success of your program.

There are several benefits you can expect from good content marketing:

Increased website traffic – Regular content distribution through website updates, social media posts, blogging, e-newsletters, etc. increases your businesses’ visibility through Google searches thus directing more traffic to your website.

Building contact lists – The whole point of content marketing is to drive conversions. Every piece of content should drive prospects to download content, sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to a blog which will help you build your contact list.

Engaging with customers – Content marketing gives you the information you need to understand what your prospects and customers are looking for by showing you what they are downloading and reading. Engaging with your customers is extremely important in developing long term relationships.

Developing trust – Prospects are inundated with marketing messages on a daily basis which makes it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Content marketing helps position your company as the industry expert; therefore developing trust and keeping your company top of mind.

Good content marketing for manufacturers is critical and although a proper plan takes time and effort, it should be considered as part of an overall marketing plan. Remember to map out your content marketing goals, create high quality content that people want to read, demonstrate industry leadership and start enjoying the benefits.

Do you have experience with content marketing? Share your thoughts below.

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