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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on January 06, 2016

We published about 80 blogs in 2015 - and some were definitely more popular than others!  The top two articles focused on sales and free stuff. No surprises there. Others covered how to be a great B2B marketer, how to find a great B2B marketer, how to measure success and get the most from marketing investments. Here are our Top Ten Articles from the past year:  

#1:     3 Ways To Improve Your Sales Before The End Of The Year


Our October blog on how to increase sales by the end of 2015 hit the mark on topic and timing.  Get the 3 tips here for a jump-start on your 2016 sales targets.

#2:    We're giving away a strategic marketing plan


As part of celebrating our new book The Radical Sales Shift, we gave away our Accelerated Marketing Planning process. Used by over 200 companies to date, AMP is a proven, rapid way to get a marketing strategy and road map for B2B companies. TNG was our lucky winner.  Read the details here.  

#3:   4 Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a B2B Marketing Manager


As the importance of marketing grows for B2B companies, lots of business owners think about hiring a marketer - and they worry about whether they can identify a great one. These questions are definitely better than the 5 W's for assessing the skills of B2B marketing managers. Read the questions here.

#4:   Deadly Sin of Marketing #1: Lacking a Marketing Strategy and Plan


There was a lot of helpful information in this July blog on the importance of having a B2B marketing strategy, what it should include, and how to develop it. Here's the post.

#5:    3 Lessons for a Career in B2B Marketing


We were thrilled to see lots of interest in our post on how to be a great B2B marketer. Click here for 3 of the things B2B marketers need to do to be great.  

#6:    Fix These 4 Problems Before They Drain Your Marketing Budget


B2B companies often worry that they aren't spending their marketing dollars effectively, so we thought this post might be popular. Can you predict what the most common B2B marketing money-wasters are?  

#7:    8 Ways to Improve Distributor Performance


With so many great B2B companies relying on distributors as their revenue engine (especially for sales in other countries), this post caught many readers' attention. Click here to find out how locking up your relationship with distributors will grow revenues.      

#8:   How To Be A Great Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketer


Another post that appealed to the marketing community. We shared lessons from 20 great B2B marketers on the skills and attitudes that made them great. We know that when CEOs hear #1, they're thrilled. Can you guess?  

#9:    Make a splash: Engaging on LinkedIn Effectively 


There may be more people on Facebook, but when it comes to business, LinkedIn is where it's at. B2B companies are ramping up on their use of this platform to grow relationships and sales. Here are the top ways they're using LinkedIn.   

#10:   New Report Reveals Surprising Secret To Marketing ROI


This post shared findings from a recent Hubspot report and revealed an important trend that we predict we'll see a lot more of in 2016. It's not all about marketing either. Find out what it is.  

Want more of our top lessons?  Download the PROFITGUIDE Special Report on B2B marketing book, The Radical Sales Shift.  It shares 5 lessons from leading B2B marketers on how to use marketing to boost sales. 



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