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06 Mar 2019

4 Practical Strategies That B2B Marketers Use To Double Lead Generation From Every Blog

In the world of inbound marketing, B2B marketers are using blogs as a common tactic to get more online visibility. According to Hubspot, 60% of marketers say that blogs are th...

09 Jan 2017

Should your B2B company have a blog and should you write it yourselves?

There are hundreds of millions of blogs (Tumblr says about 320 million) and millions of new posts every day (over 3M new posts a day). In such an incredibly crowded space, sho...

22 Aug 2016

Remember to Blog! 3 Reasons Why Blogging is Integral to your Marketing Strategy

At The Mezzanine Group, we rarely have a marketing strategy that doesn’t include blogging at some interval over the course of the year.  It can’t be replaced by a robust socia...

06 Jan 2016

Top Ten Articles of 2015

We published about 80 blogs in 2015 - and some were definitely more popular than others!  The top two articles focused on sales and free stuff. No surprises there. Others cove...

08 Sep 2015

8 Steps To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective 

Despite rumours to the contrary, email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with business to business (B2B) buyers. It’s used by over 90% of companies and is amo...

13 Jul 2015

Deadly Sin of Marketing #1: Lacking a Marketing Strategy and Plan

Whether it’s planning a vacation, driving to work or buying a new home, you always need a plan. B2B marketing is no different. It's fun to do marketing activities - but it's e...

19 Feb 2015

Creating Killer Content Using Google's Keyword Planner

It’s Time to Let Your Prospects Educate Themselves Here, we’ll unveil a step-by-step guide which shows you how to use the Keyword Planner to create killer content...

12 Feb 2015

The New Way To Blog: Answer Your Prospects' Questions

Improving the Idea-Generation Process Every corporate blogger has experienced it. Fingers hovering over the keyboard. Blank screen. Blinking cursor. Mind full of uncertainty. ...

03 Apr 2014

Seven great ways to repurpose your B2B marketing content

Have a great database of original content? Make the best use of your material by repurposing it in a variety of different ways and media.

07 Jan 2014

Top Themes in B2B Marketing for 2014

Have you developed a clear, concise and targeted marketing plan for 2014? Have you considered which tactics you will use, developed a calendar or set a budget? Marketing Direc...