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20 Jun 2013

Is your B2B story sharable, or is it DOA? - Christine Sheppard

Every business has a story to tell with a beginning, middle and an end. If you haven’t taken the time to write it for yourself, what are your customers ‘reading’ about your br...

31 May 2013

Set up for Success: Four Steps to Choosing a Winning Name for Your Brand

Every business undergoes a naming process at some point. Most commonly, business names are created at inception, but companies also embark on a naming process when introducing...

30 Apr 2013

Your Business Services Unique Value Proposition

Your Business Services Unique Value Proposition – Why You Need It And Is It Still Relevant

30 Jul 2012
Marketing Tactics Brand | 2 min read

4 Critical Elements Of Building A Brand

This is part four of four in a series on brand development for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Read the previous posts here:

29 Jun 2012
Marketing Tactics Brand | 2 min read

How to Build a Persuasive B2B Brand

If I had to sum up the secret behind building a persuasive B2B brand, I would say the key is hard work and persistence. A lot of effort is involved in getting the level of rec...

28 May 2012
Marketing Tactics Brand | 1 min read

Beware! What Brand Building is Not

This is my second post in the series on The Importance of Brand Development for B2B Companies. In my first post I covered the four tenets of building a strong brand. Today, I ...