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11 Oct 2018
Manufacturing | 6 min read

How To Be Really Good at Marketing a Manufacturing Company

There’s a fundamental truth in marketing that applies whether you’re marketing orange juice, jet engines or accounting services.  If you follow this rule, you will be really g...

05 Oct 2018

The Essential Guide to Marketing a Manufacturing Company

There was a time in the not too distant past when Canadian manufacturers didn’t have to worry about marketing.

04 Dec 2015

Is there a benefit to marketing to internal customers?

Most companies think of their marketing as a way to connect with customers. But in B2B, there are many people involved in buying and selling who aren't customers. Think of all...

06 May 2015

8 Ways to Improve Distributor Performance

Many B2B companies sell through distributors and know the relationships they have with them are key to increasing revenues. However, what most B2B companies don’t do a great j...

04 Mar 2014

What takes a leader from ‘Good to Great’?

What do you need to do to become a more effective leader and take your company to the next level in 2014? Marketing Director Julia Stowell recaps some of the important learnin...

11 Jun 2013

Does it Take a Village to Launch a Product?

Not too long ago the practice of product launch was not even recognized. Many companies simply thought up the next greatest thing, built it and mistakenly believed their produ...

11 Apr 2013

Marketing a Manufacturer’s Strongest Asset… Its People!

For the most part, manufacturers have tended to focus solely on marketing their products, neglecting to shine a spotlight on the individuals and teams who create them. The fac...

04 Apr 2013

Manufacturers Have A Lot to Blog About

HubSpot data shows that 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog compared to 56% of B2B companies who blog monthly. Although y...

28 Mar 2013

Manufacturers, Just How Do You Create A Global Brand Image?

When entering new international markets, manufacturers inevitably encounter a key marketing issue that raises fundamental questions about who they are and how they present the...

21 Mar 2013

5 Questions Every Manufacturer Should Consider Before Jumping into Social Media

Although manufacturers tend to have a lower adoption rate than other industries for social media, every manufacturer is starting to give some consideration to social media, if...