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16 Aug 2018
Marketing Automation | 6 min read

The Biggest Reason NOT to Use Marketing Automation (and Five Reasons You Should)

B2B companies are moving fast towards marketing automation. In a survey by Econsultancy in 2017, 53% of marketers said their firm is currently using marketing automation and a...

23 Oct 2017

3 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Is Worth the Investment

 Are you among the 63% of B2B companies that say their top marketing challenge is generating leads?1  If so, it might be time to consider marketing automation. Marketing autom...

16 Oct 2017

Facebook is Back in Business to Business

Trends, they come and they go. If you asked any digital marketer a couple years ago they would tell you that a Facebook business page is great for B2C but wasn’t worth it for ...

12 Sep 2016

10 Marketing Automations Myths That Need to be Debunked

There are many common misconceptions about marketing automation. As a result, myths abound about what this technology can (and can’t) do for B2B marketing teams. Our goal is t...