B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on October 24, 2012


In B2B marketing, acquiring the skills necessary to spot the true potential of your business is essential– and that true potential lies within the hearts, minds, and actions of your customers.

Way before you are deciding how much to invest in marketing initiatives, which social media outlet to use or which trade show to attend to support your marketing strategy you must first answer one fundamental question: ‘how do I build a truly sustainable and successful business?’ In order to find the answer you need to unleash your passion - in a way some may call borderline obsessive – and completely focus on your customers. They are one of your biggest assets in achieving and sustaining long-term success.

When marketing within the B2B realm, it doesn’t matter if you are an innovator of medical devices or selling an online service - the fundamentals are always the same - you MUST know exactly what makes your customers tick. As soon as focus shifts away from the customer and what they really want, any company is destined to fail. This is the case no matter how big or small the business.

The business landscape has changed and building customer loyalty is a difficult task; perhaps, even nearing extinction in our increasingly competitive world. Every business exchange comes down to ‘what’s in it for me’; thus, with a deeper understanding of customer needs and wants, you can easily integrate them into business activities and significantly increase your likelihood for success.

Many of our clients come to Mezzanine trying to better understand their customers, seeking insights into their decision making process, what concerns them, and where they see value.

If these are questions you find yourself asking and unable to answer call us at 416-986-4684 and speak with Lisa Shepherd. We are happy to help you better understand your customers.


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