B2B Marketing Blog

Written by The Mezzanine Group
on August 01, 2012

Many small & mid-sized B2B companies have a limited number of employees, so customers calling in will speak to the majority of the personnel that work in the office. It is becoming more and more evident that it’s not only the sales team that B2B businesses must carefully choose, but really the entire organization. I can’t express enough the importance of having a great attitude in your day-to-day business. Whether you're nurturing existing customers or targeting new business prospects, everyone wants to know and see that they are dealing with a professional and positive organization.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you walk into the office each day:

  • Think about one positive thing you can do or change today.
  • Smile when talking to customers or prospects on the phone – believe it or not people can “hear” your facial expression.
  • Having a bad day? Don’t air your dirty laundry to customers! All they want to know is that their business is being taken care of.
  • Can’t shake your grumpy mood? No problem. Just stay off the phone and as far away from customers as possible. Take an admin day to get yourself back on track and organized. Start that project you keep putting aside.

Remember, nobody forgets bad service, but when you have an excellent positive experience with someone who treated you well, you will likely become a repeat customer. And you may even pay more for their service or product.


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