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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on April 05, 2010

As many of you have seen, Mezzanine launched a new outsourced marketing service recently. I thought I’d elaborate on why we’ve launched this service, and what we expect clients to get from it.

Over the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in outsourcing of various business processes, from administration to IT to HR. Many of these have been cost-saving initiatives. Today the picture is evolving. Successful businesses regularly outsource various business functions, especially those in which they have neither an organizational focus nor special capabilities, to save money and also (more importantly) to improve performance. Here are some of the reasons that outsourcing works:

-- Outsourcing can save money. It saves money as vendors take advantage of more streamlined processes, systems, economies of scale, and flexible and highly specialized human resources.

-- Outsourcing can improve quality. It capitalizes on a vendor’s knowledge, experience and talent, and leverages these across multiple companies.

-- Outsourcing allows more organizational flexibility, as the business focuses on its core competencies and company resources are freed-up for other activities.

-- Outsourcing eliminates the delay and commitment involved in hiring full-time staff.

-- Outsourcing can simplify complex internal situations. Vendors are third party, and therefore unlikely to get involved in internal politics and inertia.

Where marketing is concerned, by outsourcing marketing functions, businesses gain access to skills which might be lacking in-house. The term 'marketing' is now a catch-all that covers a broad range of competencies -- from data gathering and analysis, to strategy and positioning, to graphic design and SEO, and the list goes on... It's virtually impossible for the internal staff of a small or medium business to cover all that ground on its own.

Outsourcing is not a silver bullet. It’s fraught with its own challenges to successful implementation. It isn’t always the right solution – in many cases, it’s downright the wrong solution.
But over the last ten years we’ve seen so many instances of small and mid-sized companies (SMB) being great at what they do, and not great at marketing. The end result is that those companies underperform because they don’t leverage the value of marketing. And that’s why we launched Outsourced Marketing – to make sure that SMBs can achieve tremendous success by leveraging the power of good marketing.

We look forward to identifying all the right situations for outsourced marketing with you.

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